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On this page we well keep a on going record of updates and changes related to this project.

Aug 25 2001 - Version 0.60
1. real time 3D motion and rotation control routines.
2. ability to load a background bitmap.
3. ability to change water level.
4. ability to change map colors.
Some code clean up with better discriptions.
Start of user manual.

Jan 30 2000 - Version 0.50 : Added find location functions to allow position and elevation information to be retrieved from a DEM map. Fixed a problem with saving and loading Map Log files.

Jan 23 2000 - Version 0.40 : Added functions to draw user defined Waypoint locations from Map Log onto map. Added save and load functions for Map Log.

Jan 9 2000 - Version 0.30 : Added Gnome support for menus ,toolbar and statusbar. Fixed problem with LLtoUTM conversion.

Dec 13 1999 - Version 0.20 : The first release of the the g3DGMV for public viewing has been posted.

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